I have been attending private yoga lessons with Dr. Khushdil for a few months and I am feeling great. I have struggled with anxiety and insomnia throughout my life and I have tried a lot of different treatments to handle it. I have attended yoga lessons before but I felt like I was just going through the motions and doing another exercise.

Learning first how to breathe correctly and stretch your muscles to prepare for the intense positions takes time but is so important. I still attend yoga sessions to advance further but I practice yoga daily at home.

Thanks to meditation and yoga. I am the happiest and healthiest I have ever been. I sleep well and don’t need any anxiety medication.

I thoroughly recommend Dr. Khushdil and she has changed my life.

Mandy KeallMelbourne

I learned a lot of new things. Learned proper way of doing yoga. Asanas and some new poses as well. I was familiar with the name of the Asana but the proper way of doing that and refreshing them was great. It was nice to connect with someone from the same field after so long. As I feel like I’m missing the link now.

Emotionally, I developed a bonding with you. You are a wonderful human being, very experienced, very knowledgeable and flexible. I wish you luck today and always to keep doing the good work you are doing and achieve your dreams and aims. Emotionally, for myself as well.

The practice of meditation and yoga has given me a new energy and expanded my horizons of thought process, thinking out of the box and boosted me as a person overall. I would like to keep in touch with you always and keep doing this practice always. As it uplifts the person as a whole. I also wish to discover my purpose, my aim of being on this earth as soon as possible, too.

You are a selfless person and also motivated me in some way. Thank you so much for all you have done for me so far.

Dr. Sonia GillHost from Sanjhi awaz Radio

My son has ITP ( low platelet count in blood ) and he had milk and seasonally allergies. We tried Dr’s Prescribed medicine and gave nebulizer for two years but no results. I saw Dr. Khushdil on facebook and then consulted her. Dr. Khushdil has been treating my son for one and half years. We followed her therapy and Ayurvedic medicines and it’s really worked. Now my son is not taking any nebulizer or any medicine for Allergies. Dr Khushdil has a good knowledge of Ayurvedic Medicine. Very kind and supportive person.
Highly recommend.

Pratik PatelMotel Front Office Associate