Eligibility Criteria for Admission to LL.B. 3 Yrs. Course

Graduation in any discipline require minimum 45% of the total marks in case of general category applicants and 40% of the total marks in case of SC and ST applicants as per Bar Council of India norms.


Three Year Course consists of six semesters.

Semester Sr. No. Code Subject Name
I 1 UL01CLLB21 Law of Contract
2 UL01CLLB22 Constitutional Law – I
3 UL01CLLB23 Law of Tort Including MV Accident & Consumer Protection Laws
4 ULO1CLLB24 Law of Crime Paper – I Penal Code
5 UL01ELLB21 Banking Law
For detail Syllabus http://www.spuvvn.edu/students_corner/syllabi/llb/first_semester_2018_batch/index.php

Semester Sr. No. Code Subject Name
II 1 UL02CLLB21 Special Contract
2 UL02CLLB22 Constitutional Law -II
3 UL02CLLB23 Property Law
4 ULO2CLLB24 Environmental Law
5 UL02ELLB21 Land Law
For detail Syllabus http://www.spuvvn.edu/students_corner/syllabi/llb/second_semester_2018_batch/LLB_CBCS_Sem2.pdf

Semester Sr. No. Code Subject Name
III 1 UL03CLLB21 Family Law – I
2 UL03CLLB22 Administrative Law
3 UL03CLLB23 Labour & Industrial Law – I
4 ULO3CLLB24 Principles of Taxation Laws
5 UL03ELLB21 Interpretation of Statute
For detail Syllabus http://www.spuvvn.edu/students_corner/syllabi/llb/third_semester_2018_batch/Detail

Semester Sr. No. Code Subject Name
IV 1 UL04CLLB21 Jurisprudence
2 UL04CLLB22 Family Law – II
3 UL04CLLB23 Labour & Industrial Law – I
4 ULO4CLLB24 Company Law
5 UL04ELLB21 Human Rights and Practice
For detail Syllabus http://www.spuvvn.edu/students_corner/syllabi/llb/fourth_semester_2018_batch/LLB%20(CBCS)

Semester Sr. No. Code Subject Name
V 1 UL05CLLB01 Law of Crimes – Paper II Criminal Procedure Code
2 UL05CLLB02 Law of Evidence
3 UL05CLLB03 Civil Procedure Code & Limitation Act
4 UL05CLLB04 Administrative Law
5 UL05ELLB01 Intellectual  Property – I
6 UL05ELLB02 Public Interest Litigation, Legal Aid and Para Legal Services
For detail Syllabus http://www.spuvvn.edu/students_corner/syllabi/llb/fifth_semester_2020_21/Detail%

Semester Sr. No. Code Subject Name
VI 1 UL06CLLB01 Practical Paper:  1  Drafting, Pleading and Conveyance
2 UL06CLLB02 Practical Paper:  2  Professional Ethics & Professional Accounting System
3 UL06CLLB03 Practical Paper: 3  Alternative Dispute Resolution
4 UL06CLLB04 Practical Paper: 4  Moot Court Exercise and Internship
5 UL06ELLB01 Intellectual Property – II
6 UL06ELLB02 Legal Language/ Legal Writing including General English
For detail Syllabus http://www.spuvvn.edu/students_corner/syllabi/llb/sixth_semester_2020_21/Detail