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About Us

Vision & Mission


            Our constant efforts are always to make M. S.  Bhagat and C. S. Sonawala Law College a center for excellence in teaching and trained the students of law by imparting the best knowledge and, thus to ensure their accurate role in national development of our country.


·         To trained advocates for future to handlings legal problems.

·         To develop legal skills in various areas of law.

·         To enhance legal awareness in the rural areas through organizing Legal Literacy Camps by the students of law and spread knowledge of rights and duties of their.

·         To develop the values of equality, liberty and fraternity among students and in societies.

·         To arrange curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities and events for further development of the students and enhance domestic value of their. 

·         To promote research and innovative ideas among the faculties and students. 

To create friendly atmosphere for learning in college.  

About the Nadiad Education Society

List of the Institutes Working under the Society

  1. J & J College of Science
  2. M. S. Bhagat and Sonawala Law College
  3. I. V. Patel College of Commerce
  4. C. B. Patel Arts College
  5. T.  J.  Patel Commerce College
  6. V. M. Bhagat & S.  C. Sonawala High School
  7. Smt.  Shardaben Patel Ipcowala Primary School 
  8. Dr. Y.  R.  Patel Medical Laboratory Technology Institute

Management of the Society

  1. Hon'ble President                                            

            Shri Shrikantbhai R.  Patel

        2.Hon'ble Vice President

           Shri  K. R.  Patel

        3. Hon'ble Vice President

            Shri  S.  R.  Patel

        4.  Hon'ble Vice President

            Shri  A.  H.  Dalal

        5.  Hon'ble  Secretary

             Dr. H. H.  Mehata

        6. Hon'ble Joint Secretary

             Shri  C. P.  Patel 

From the Desk of President

From the Desk of President

"Education is the manifestation of present already in man. Divinity is the manifestation of the religion already in man" 

By-Swami Vivekananda

            The Nadiad Education society had established in 1947 and has wide tree of education institutions from Primary and Secondary Schools, Higher Secondary School, Law, Commerce, Arts, Science. This college was started in 1959 with the gracious donation of Sheth Shri Mohanlal Sakalchand Bhagat and Chandulal Sankalchand Sonawala.

            The main object of the college is to provide quality legal education to poor downtrodden and rural area students.  The college has gifted efficient judges, dynamic public prosecutors energetic academicians and thousands of competent advocates to the society.

            The college has library with more than 25,000 books, law magazines, and journals. In addition to this online journals and software are also available for further studies and research work. All judgments of Supreme Court and High Courts are available in soft and hard copy. The college is also equipped with moot court room in its premises.

            The college offers 3 years L.L.B. (CBCS) graduation course, two years post graduation in L.L.M. (CBCS) Business Law Group and one year Diploma in Taxation Practice.  It has experienced teaching staff with Doctorate Degrees.

            As a president of this society I congratulate and welcome you for selecting the best for your future and I am sure that you will explore great opportunity which will turn out to be a bright career in the profession of law.

            Wishing you the best of luck and blessings.

From the Desk of Principal

From the Desk of Principal

"Law is like plasticine in the hands of a great judge.  He can mould it as he likes, provided he has vision and requisite craftsmanship"

By -Hon'ble Justice P. N. Bhagawati {Ex. Chief Justice of India}

Dear Students,

A very warm welcome in M. S. Bhagat and Sonawala Law College, Nadiad Education Society, Nadiad, Dist.  Kheda District, Gujarat state.   The founder of this college established it as a premier institution of excellence for imparting legal education to students by encouraging them to meet limitless opportunity in legal profession and also advocates judiciary academics for rural youth of Kheda District, Gujarat state.   Education is dynamic process and through education we can reform society. Law is an instrument of social transformation. We adopted both "Law and Education" 

M.  S. Bhagat and C. S. Sonawala Law College is affiliated to Sardar Petal University, Vallabh Vidyanagar is a hub of education and Bar Council of India, New Delhi.  It is matter of pride that the college has been granted 'B' grade in NAAC Accreditation. 

            With proud legacy of 60 years the college has excelled in every field.   Alumina students of the college are working in various fields like Corporate Sectors, practicing advocates in High Courts and Supreme Court, Public Prosecutor, Judges in various High Courts and District Courts, Notary and Academics. We also not only encourage students to participate in Moot Court for practicing and getting knowledge of law but also in extracurricular activities like Debate, Vocal, Dance, Drama, Rangoli making, Poster making etc. 

            Discipline and Hard work is the key for successful life. Focus only to your ultimate goals. 

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